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Anomaly Detection

AI Driven Anomaly Detection/Prediction

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Best ai Solution

AI Solution to Detect, Predict the Problems and enhance with AI Technology

The AI will train with normal/abnormal
status then with the trained data, it will
find and check the information of
system anomalies
- Verified high performance customized AI Algorithm by MoaData
- 2~3 Times the Efficiency of competitor's usage of 3MB to 1.3MB
Anomaly detection based system
which enables and provide guides
to support problem solving preventing
the problems forehand.
- All-in-one Automated Packaging Technology to predict Anomaly
- Automated resolution function such as Automatic Learning
ICT System
Cost Savings by Preventing the Possible failure
Intelligent Operating by ICT Efficiency improvement
Streamline task with AI Service
Operation Stabilization with anomaly detection/prediction
- Automated Data collection of various types and Integration
- Automated Performance maintenance of AI Service Model



AI Solution to Detect, Predict the Problems and enhance with AI Technology



Health check, activity, and Daily health recordings with AI

AI meets Movement Patterns [: AI Analysis]

AI based health analysis prediction
based of Anomaly detection Analysis

With AI

Real-time Health check during your Everyday Life

Daily Record

Track and record your daily Health status with AI Technology

Every Day

Check your health pattern
and find roots to keep yourself healthy

Everyday Activities[:Record]

Built to last with over 5 days of battery-life with perfect water/dust proof
will keep you on track of your health information



Grow together with MoaData's Future value

Adnrew Orange

Various Experiences leads to growth


Joined MoaData since the future of technology is Big Data and AI. In charge of UI/UX team's BigData Visualization, enables easier access to vast Data

Anomaly Detection, Prediction Technology

IT Service Planner (KWANG MIN PARK)

Planning every aspect of anomaly detection and prediction service and implementing our own BM shows that our projects are exprimental and challenging.

Adnrew Orange
Adnrew Orange

Confidence with AI Advancement

AI SW Engineer(JE KUK YUN)

With experience in Development with IoT and ServerSide, had chance to familiarize with kernel and OS, Joined MoaData dealing with Data created from Computers


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